An Update

January 28, 2021

Hi. It has been a while.

I’ve gotten a few emails asking if I’m still updating this site or building models. I am…I’m just going very slowly.

After my last build update in January 2019, I managed to get some additional work done on the Fair American that hasn’t been posted. I got the deck and bulwarks planked. I redesigned my gun carriages a few times. I did some work on the stern.

Then I had a baby. Well, my wife had our baby, but you understand. That means no more modeling time on nights or weekends.

I had to tear down my home office/workshop and turn it into a nursery. I moved my workshop into a new room. It is a much nicer space (thanks to my wife for letting me have that room in exchange for giving up what had been my office for a decade). But, I had to rethink my workbench, tool storage, etc. That ate a month.

Now that he’s a toddler (year and half old as of this post!), I still can’t get much done because my office/workshop is ‘off limits’ to him without heavy supervision. As you can imagine, modeling tools and a toddler don’t mix well.

Add to that the pandemic, and I haven’t been able to get much done on the ship for a while.

I have remained heavily involved in the hobby, mostly through work with the Nautical Research Guild.

Every day I see my workbench sitting idle right behind my office desk, and I’m looking forward to resuming work soon. A few weeks ago I finally received my new 3D printer / CNC milling machine / laser cutter that I ordered over a year ago. As soon as I get a chance, I plan to put that to use to mill some new parts for the ship, hopefully getting the build going again.