Phantom NY Pilot Boat

Rigging Continues

March 25, 2016

Shrouds were finished off…pin rails installed.  Backstays put in.  On to the main boom!



Construction of the main boom went well.  About 5-6 hours of work.  Tying knots for the foot ropes was a pain, and took a couple tries.  Got everything done and started the rigging, then hit a major setback.

Rigging the main boom requires some work with the single block installed waaaaay back when we built the traveller (before any deck buildings were installed). As I was hooking all that up, I pulled the eyebolt under the traveller loose.  To fix this *properly*, i’d need to remove some deck buildings, the traveller, and maybe more.  Given that the eyebolt is hidden under the traveller, I decided to go for a faster fix.  I drilled the hole larger (passing the bit through the hole in the traveller) – maybe 2x the size of the eyebolt’s stem.  I then carefully filled it with gap-filling CA glue, and lowered the eyebolt into the hole.  It was ugly, but it worked.   If this thing were 20% larger scale, I could have gotten tools in there to fix it properly (guide the eyebolt back into a proper hole).  But at this size (and with the rear deck finished out), there was no room to maneuver.


I am now at about 6 months into my build (with about a 2 month break – so really I’ve been working for 4 months).

Tomorrow I start the main gaff!