The Suburban Ship Modeler is not an experienced modeler.  I’m only on my third ship build (with two WWI-era aircraft previously).  I’m still learning what I’m doing, and making lots of mistakes.  I don’t have a full, dedicated workshop like many of the hardcore modelers.  I work from small bench in the corner of my home office, with a walk-in closet full of power tools and an airbrush station on a shelf in the garage (I have to move the cars out when I need to work there).

This site happened because I’ve found a TON of information online, but much of it overlooks many of the basics that experienced modelers take for granted.  Since I’m encountering a lot techniques for the first time, I thought I’d start a place where I could compile information as I learned it.

Hopefully it will be useful to someone out there just getting into ship building, or even just considering taking the plunge.

Something Broken?

This site uses a custom design that depends on HTML5 support, meaning that for it to work properly you must be using a fairly current web browser.  If you are using an older browser (any version of Internet Explorer, or any web browser older than about 2 years), you will likely see things that don’t look right or don’t work properly.

To get the best experience with this site, please use an up-to-date web browser.


I make no promises that the information I provide is good 🙂  Experienced ship modelers may cringe when reading some of my thoughts or suggestions.  Take everything here with a grain of salt – I’m just relaying my experiences. There are many, many more experienced modelers out there with much better skills and advice.


Chances are that I have nothing meaningful to say if you contact me.  I’m also horrible at writing people back. (Edit: to be honest, I’ve really enjoyed responding to the inquiries and questions that I’ve received, and I’ve added/updated some posts as a result, so keep them coming!)

Reach me at contact@suburbanshipmodeler.com or use the form below.