Phantom NY Pilot Boat

Phantom Ship Build Completed

April 1, 2016

The Phantom is finished and mounted, which just about brings this build to an end.  I’ll engrave the brass plates this weekend (my wife has a computer controlled engraver for her jewelry business).  Still need to pick up some small brass screws too.


Overall I’m very happy with how it turned out, being my first ship build.  Going in, I was concerned about rigging, but I found that part to be a lot of fun, and it went really quickly (it helped that the Phantom has a pretty simple rigging plan).  I was pretty frustrated halfway through the process, but once I pushed through and got to rigging, it really turned the project around for me.

Took about 6 months (including a 2 month break), spending most weekends and an hour or so on most weeknights.  I certainly learned a LOT – not only technique, but also ways to improve my overall process and workflow.


I’ll start applying those learnings tomorrow morning when I dive into the next build – the MS 1:64 Bluenose I’ve had sitting in its box since the fall.