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How Long Will it Take

April 12, 2016

How long is it going to take to build your first ship?  The answer is easy…somewhere between a few months and few decades.

My first ship, the Phantom, took six months (which included a two month break).  It should have taken longer – I rushed through some parts and it showed.  My second build is entering week three, and I’m basically on page 2 of the instructions.  I expect the Bluenose to take about a year or so if I keep up this pace.

Photo Apr 01, 9 04 30 AM

My completed Phantom took 6 months, which included a 2 month break where I did nothing.

How long it takes to build a ship depends on a number of factors…

I’ve spent hundreds of hours over the last year reading build logs on forums, mostly on NRG’s Model Ship World.  I’ve seen people who have worked on the same ship for years.  I’ve seen many people who start a build log that begins with a half-finished ship and states “I started this build 20 years ago, and I’m just picking it back up.”

How long will your build take?  As long it takes.  Ship building isn’t so much about the finished model (although you’ll admire it for years), it’s about the process.