Bluenose Canadian Schooner

Transom Planking

May 25, 2016

Day 55.

The transom at the rear of the ship was framed out previously, but now it needs some planking.

Compared to the rest of the hull planking, this is pretty straight-forward.

I started by flipping the ship over and adding planks along the flat exterior side.  They will be trimmed and sanded flush after the glue sets.

Photo May 26, 7 26 51 PM

Planking the outside of the transom.  Just a few planks to cut and glue in place.

Then I moved to the inside and planked the interior side of the transom.

Photo May 26, 7 42 42 PM.jpg

Planking the inside of the transom.  These had to be more precisely sized.

Pretty easy, and didn’t take long.

After the glue dried on both sides, the edges were cleaned up and the planks were sanded down.  Like the rest of the hull, this will get a little wood filler and some additional sanding.

Worth noting, I cheated on the exterior corners.  These ideally should use a proper joint between the transom planks and the hull planks.  However, I’m not that sophisticated, so I’m simply sanding the transom planks flush with the hull planks, filling with filler, and painting it.  If the planking were going to be visible, it would be necessary to do a much better job here.