Bluenose Canadian Schooner

Pullback, Balloon Jib, and Main Top Mast Stays

October 15, 2017

Day 562.

Continuing with the top mast standing rigging, there are three more relatively simple lines to be run.

Pullback Stay

The pullback stay runs between the fore top mast and the main mast.  The pullback stay was made from 0.018″ black rigging line.



The pullback stay starts with an eye splice in the end that goes over the fore top mast.  The stay sits right above the top band.


The pullback stay starts above the band on the top mast.

The other end also receives an eye splice.  A lanyard is used to secure this end to the small link on the side of the main mast cap.  The lanyard was made from 0.008″ tan rigging line.


The pullback stay is secured to the main mast cap with a lanyard.

Balloon Jib Stay

The balloon jib stay runs from the top of the fore mast down to the end of the bowsprit.



The line starts with an eye splice above the top mast’s top band.


The balloon jib stay also starts on the fore top mast, right above the top band.

The line then runs down to the bowsprit, where it is seized onto a shackle.  The shackle is attached to the front band on the bowsprit.


The balloon jib stay uses a shackle to attach to the ring on the bowsprit.

Main Mast Top Stay

The main mast top stay is almost identical to the pullback stay, except it runs from the main top mast to the fore mast cap.


The main mast top stay is made from 0.008″ black line.  It starts with an eye splice around the main mast’s to band.


The main mast top stay is very similar to the pullback stay…but it starts on the main top mast.

It runs down to the mast cap on the fore mast, where it is secured to the small link using a lanyard.


The main top mast stay runs to the mast cap on the fore mast.