Bluenose Canadian Schooner

Running Lights

November 11, 2017

Day 589.

There’s nothing too complicated or tricky about the running lights.  These lights are tied to the shrouds on either side fo the fore mast, and help to keep the ship noticeable in low light conditions.

The running lights from this period were lanterns, set into a back board that was painted red or green (depending on the side).

The Model Shipways Bluenose kit provides the lanterns as cast metal pieces, so those were cleaned up and painted.


The kit provides cast-metal pieces for the lanterns.

The boards were made from 3/64″ thick basswood strips.  One large piece forms the back, while two smaller pieces form the side and bottom of the ‘shelf’.  These pieces were glued together, sanded, and painted.

The port running light was painted red, while the starboard running light was painted green.  I made the edges and backs of each board black.


The rest of the running light assembly is made from brass strip and painted.

The running lights are then lashed onto the shrouds on either side.


The green running light is lashed to the starboard side.


The red running light is lashed to the port side.


The back of the running lights.