Bluenose Canadian Schooner

Fore Gaff Rigging

November 28, 2017

Day 606.

Rigging the fore gaff is nearly identical to the rigging for the main gaff.  Once you have the main gaff figured out, this one is easy.

Fore Throat Halliard



The fore throat halliard is just like the one on the main gaff.  It runs between a triple block on the mast and a double block on the gaff.  One end of the line runs to a double block that is laced with a double block on the rail, while the other end runs to a block on the deck, right at the base of the mast.

Fore Peak Halliard



The fore peak halliard is very similar to the main peak halliard, with just a couple differences.  First, there is one fewer set of blocks, so the line only runs through three blocks on the mast and two blocks on the gaff.  Second, the blocks on the gaff are attached directly to bands on the gaff instead of using additional lines.


The fore peak halliard.

The loose ends of the peak halliard are treated just like the main peak halliard.  One side runs to a block, laced to another block on the rail.  The other end runs to a block right next to the mast.


The ends of the peak halliard and throat halliard are handled just like their counterparts on the main mast.

And of course, parrel beads are used to secure the jaws of the gaff to the mast.  By this point, that’s just routine.