Fair American


June 2, 2018

Day 29.

Next up are the waterways.  These are simple pieces that run along the full length of the deck’s edges.  The waterway is thicker than the deck planking, and has a slightly rounded edge.

Instead of using the kit’s wood, I used boxwood for the waterway.  I cut two boxwood strips that were 1/8″ wide and 5/32″ tall.  These strips were given a rounded corner on one edge using a sanding block.

The strips then need to be bent to match the curve of the hull.  The bow of the Model Shipways Fair American has a very sharp curve, so I felt I’d need to take some extra effort to get that curve in the wood.

I soaked the ends of the strips in water, then clamped them against a curved piece of wood.  This particular piece of wood comes from the Model Expo plank bending kit (which includes this wooden jig and a heating iron).  I’ve never really used the heating iron, but I use this wood block all the time.


The wet waterway strips dry while clamped into a curved jig.

The strips were left clamped until they dried fully.  Once removed, the strips maintained the curve.   The shape isn’t perfect, but it is certainly closer than it was.


After drying, the strips retain the curve.

The pieces were then glued onto the hull.  I used simple binding clips to hold the strips in place.


The strips are glued into place on the hull.

Once both sides were installed, the shape of the ship really starts to come together.


The completed waterways.